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In-Vitro Fertilization and the 6 steps followed in IVF Centre in Lucknow For those who are facing difficulties in conceiving would know about In Vitro Fertilization by now, right? IVF, as it is called, is one of the most acknowledged methods to get pregnant. However, before you take the plunge and go for this treatment, it is extremely important to know everything about this procedure. At Indira IVF Centre Lucknow, this procedure is done in 6 steps. Let’s know more about IVF.
What is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)?
In contrast to the natural process of fertilization, IVF is such a method where the fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body. It starts with taking out eggs from a woman’s ovaries using needle suction and then are mixed with sperm in a dish container in the laboratory. Our experts then assess this embryo for 2-5 days and then transfer it into the womb. This transferring method is known as Transfer of Embryo (ET). Usually, one IVF cycle takes 4-7 weeks.
Here is the 6- step procedure followed in IVF Centre Lucknow:
• Pre-Cycle Appointments & Preparing Ovaries for Stimulation:
Before beginning this procedure, there is the certain diagnosis that a couple has to go through at IVF Centre Lucknow. Once that is done, our fertility experts then monitor ovaries and keep a tab on the egg release timing. After that, our experts prepare your ovaries for stimulation.
• Ovarian Stimulation & Monitoring:
This second step includes helping ovaries to produce as many eggs as possible. This production of eggs increases the chances of fertilization so that a healthy baby can be born.
• The Trigger Shot & Egg Retrieval:
Once ovaries have produced enough matured eggs, the next step includes retrieving eggs from ovaries. In this procedure, a thin needle is used to pass through the upper wall of the vagina to retrieve the eggs.
• Embryo Development: After the retrieval of eggs, they are then mixed with sperms under-scrutinized hygienic conditions in a laboratory. There, they are kept for 2-4 days and the development of the embryo is constantly being monitored.
• Embryo Transfer:
If the growth and fertilization of embryo seem normal, it is then transferred to the woman’s womb and is constantly monitored.
• Pregnancy Test:
This last step includes pregnancy test after the embryo transfer. This test declares whether the IVF cycle was successful or not.
So, these are the 6-steps used for IVF in Indira IVF Centre Lucknow. If you are ready to undergo this procedure, get in touch today.

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