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Sonography & Donor Egg treatment available in IVF centre in Bhubaneswar
IVF Center in Bhubaneswar, Indira IVF in Bhubaneswar, IVF Centres in Bhubaneswar. One of the best ways to detect infertility problems is by undergoing Sonography. This procedure, at Indira IVF Centre Bhubaneswar, not only helps to detect problems in abdominal area but the vaginal area as well.

Apart from this, IVF Centre in Bhubaneswar also offers Sonography. This is a method to diagnose the infertility causes before starting the treatment. In this procedure, our experts penetrate high-frequency radio sound waves to pelvic organs. These waves reflect on the screen after touching the surface of the pelvic organ; and thus, help to determine the problems inside.

To detect the infertility issues, Indira IVF Centre Bhubaneswar also offers Trans-Vaginal Sonography and Trans-Abdominal Sonography. When it comes to exploring available treatments of infertility, there are surely several options out there that an infertile couple takes up. Usually, it is being said that the younger the age, the higher are the chances of success rates. However, those women are who are 40 years or above shouldn't feel dejected as there is a way to be a mother again. Indira IVF Centre Bhubaneswar offers Donor Eggs treatments that can be availed without any hassles.

What is Donor Egg?
Those women who are unable to conceive because of age or have a poor quality of eggs can use donor eggs. These are the eggs taken from another woman and implanted in your womb. But, one should make sure that it is a quite complex method and a legal advice is always recommended to avoid problems later.

The procedure starts with finding a donor. Once you have found a donor who is ready to donate eggs in return of money, you can then start with the procedure. Eggs taken from the donor are fertilized and implanted in the woman's womb; hence, it makes a natural pregnancy. But, at Indira IVF Centre Bhubaneswar, the woman would have to go through 2-3 sessions of hormonal therapy before accruing eggs from the donor. This therapy ensures whether the womb is capable of carrying eggs or not.
So, whether you just want to get the check-up done or want to take up Donor egg or Donor embryo treatment, contact Indira IVF Centre Bhubaneswar right away.

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