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Patients coming from India and Abroad to Get Superior Treatment in IVF Center in Chennai
IVF Center in Chennai, Indira IVF in Chennai, IVF Centres in Chennai. Are you planning to come to India for your IVF treatment due to the excellent range of expertise in doctors here as well as the value for money? Well, located in the southern half of India, the Indira IVF Center in Chennai is the perfect place for you then. While in the past there were many bottlenecks involved in visiting India for medical reasons, with the easing of travel rules and regulations, getting a medical visa for India has now become an extremely convenient process.

With the opening up of medical tourism, India, and especially the state of Chennai, has emerged as a lucrative destination for patients looking to undergo IVF treatments. You can now just fly down to the Indira IVF Center in Chennai to kick-start your IVF process at half the cost and with some of the best doctors in the industry. The process of IVF at the Indira IVF Center in Chennai involves these basic steps:

Complete Diagnosis & Stimulation of Ovaries for Conception: At the Indira IVF Center in Chennai, the team understands the value of your time if you are flying in from abroad. Therefore, we conduct all the diagnostic tests at the earliest and once the results are in, we immediately start the process of monitoring the ovaries for egg release and preparation is started for stimulating the ovaries.

Egg Retrieval and Fertilization: The eggs are then retrieved and fertilized in a laboratory. These fertilized eggs are kept in a laboratory for 3-4 days and the development of the embryo is monitored closely.

Embryo Transfer: Once the growth and fertilization of the embryo are deemed to be normal, it is then transferred back into the woman's uterus and constantly monitored for implantation.

Pregnancy Test: After the embryo is transferred and doctors are assured of implantation, a pregnancy test determines where the IVF cycle was successful or not.

Generally, all IVF Centers in Chennai also provide various packages that you can avail of that includes all the treatment costs, rather than having to pay separately for each individual service such as diagnostic tests, lab fees, etc.

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