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Laser Assisted Hatching & ICSI in IVF centre in Ranchi

Laser Assisted Hatching:
IVF Center in Ranchi, Indira IVF in Ranchi, IVF Centres in Ranchi. Generally, there are several reasons behind the failure of an IVF cycle. However, one of the most common reasons is the incompetency of embryo to get implanted in the uterus. Most of the times, embryos fail to break through the outer protein coating, Zona Pellucida and don't get the hatch to get the implant in the uterus. To hatch the embryo from this outer coating, Laser Assisted Hatching is used. If you are also facing the same problems, without any further
ado, get in touch with Indira IVF Centre Ranchi and start with your treatment.

Who should undergo Laser Assisted Hatching?
• Women with 38 years or more age
• Women with high level of FSH
• Women with poor quality of egg
• Women with poor quality of embryo
• Women who have faced failed IVF cycles

The Laser Assisted Hatching is done by releasing laser energy into the embryo shell. These high-power laser rays dissolve or vaporize the embryo. Since the laser produces heat; hence, our fertility experts conduct this method very cautiously so as to not burn the cells during the treatment. When it comes to its success rates, several studies have shown an increase in the success rate of IVF technique with the help of laser hatching. The laser makes the hatching procedure faster and efficient.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI):
Indira IVF Centre Ranchi offers superior Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) for those undergoing IVF procedure. Generally, this treatment turns out to be beneficial for those who have faced failure in previous IVF cycles.

Who should undergo ICSI?
Usually, this treatment is effective for such couples who are dealing with male fertility issues, such as: • Low sperm count
• Poor mobility or sperm shape
• Failure of previous IVF treatment

When you approach Indira IVF Centre Ranchi for ICSI, it is recommended to take this treatment during an IVF cycle. Our experts conduct this procedure by taking sperm sample and extracting egg samples. After that, they inject sperm into the egg with a needle. Once that is done, the egg is kept under monitoring for normal growth. If everything seems to be positive, it is then implanted in the uterus.
Whether you want ICSI or Laser Assisted Hatching, book your appointment with Indira IVF Centre Ranchi and get rid of your fertility problems right away.

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