Understanding the IUI Procedure

IUI Process Cost , IUI Treatment Process , IUI Specialist ,IUI Process Cost , IUI Treatment Process , IUI Specialist . Dealing with infertility is not an easy job. The consistent dejection, breaking hopes, and the indirect taunts that people shower on you make it much more difficult to handle it. Thankfully, there are many treatments present in the medical world that can help you in conceiving. One such treatment is Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI Treatment Procedure
Before starting the procedure, you would have to have a pre- IUI workup. With the help of this workup, your health will be examined by the doctor. The doctor will check the level of hormone and will examine whether or not your uterus can hold the pregnancy.

Step 1: Fertility Drugs
First of all, the doctor will put you on the fertility drugs and will monitor your condition side-by-side. While monitoring, the expert will check the production of eggs and will note the right time for the sperm injection.

Step 2 Sperm Preparation
After monitoring your ovulation cycle, the sperm given by your partner (or it can be donated as well) is washed thoroughly. There is a possibility that there may be the presence of some toxins in the sperm that can react negatively in your body. So, washing helps in removing those toxins. It also helps the most active and the mobile sperms to reach the egg, hence, raising the chances of pregnancy by many folds.

Step 3 Sperm Injection
The last step demands sperm injection. With the help of a small and thin catheter, the sperms are injected right into your uterus. This procedure is less painful and takes only 1-2 hours.

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