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Assisted Hatching IVF Success Rates , Laser Assisted Hatching Cost , Laser Assisted Hatching Treatment ,Assisted Hatching IVF Success Rates . This procedure is used in an In Vitro Fertilization technique. The Laser Assisted Hatching is a procedure through which the fertilization experts create a gap in the shell of the embryo before implantation of the embryo. The main purpose behind this slit is that it improves the ability of the embryo to hatch out of the shell after the formation of the blastocyst.

Using Laser for IVF Hatching
The energy is released in the embryo's shell through the laser. The energy vaporizes or dissolves the embryo. Just because laser produces heat so it is used casually in a way that it does not burn the cells along.

Success Rates
According to some of the studies, it is seen that the success rates of IVF technique rises many times if there is laser hatching. Moreover, assisted hatching with the help of a laser is faster and efficient as compared to the other methods of hatching.

This procedure is beneficial for the following people-
• Women who are of advanced maternal age.
• Having Follicle Stimulating Hormone.
• Thick or abnormal shell of the egg.
• Slow development of the embryo.
• Patients with 2 failed IVF cycles.

Since the heat from the laser attacks the shell of the egg, so there would not be any harm done to the baby. The success rates of the IVF treatment with Laser Assisted Hatching are more than the without Laser Assisted Hatching.

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